Impressions from…Alsace…or: It’s not only Strasbourg…

Colmar 8-2015 (7)
It’s all a dolls house (Colmar, old town)








Colmar 8-2015 (10)
If there’s place for one chruch, there’s always place for a second (Colmar)












Colmar 8-2015 (17)
Always be sure to posess a nice oriel! (Colmar)











Colmar 8-2015 (20)
Colmar at it’s best!











Colmar 8-2015 (31)
Impress your visitors! (Colmar)











Colmar 8-2015 (49)
What a splendid balcony! (Colmar)











Colmar 8-2015 (51)
Flea market! (Colmar)









Colmar 8-2015 (64)
And always when you’re thinking, there couldn’t be a more picturesque spot…be ensured in Colmar there’s one!










Colmar 8-2015 (70)
The Krutenau (Colmar)









Colmar 8-2015 (76)
Spick and span! (Colmar)









Colmar 8-2015 (81)
WTF! What a strange green vehicle to do a city tour! (Colmar)









Colmar 8-2015 (95)
Simply stroll around! (Colmar)









Haguenau 8-2015 (7)
There’s always another chruch from the 12th century! (Haguenau, St. George)









Haguenau 8-2015 (14)
Modern enlightning! (St. George, Haguenau)









Haguenau 8-2015 (54)
The red city hall, with it’s Astronomic Clock (Haguenau)









Haguenau 8-2015 (58)
Visiting a French Coffeehouse & Ice Cream Shop – The best thing to do at 39° Celsius!(Haguenau)












Haguenau 8-2015 (68)
Like a gothic fortress: The Historical Museum in Haguenau!









Haute Koenigsbourg 8-2015 (5)
It’s all a fake – but a picturesque one! The Hautekoenigsbourg near Selestat









Haute Koenigsbourg 8-2015 (21)
Up over the mountains! (View from the Hautekoenigsburg)









Marmoutier (6)
The famous 12th century church of the ex-monastery in Marmoutier (founded in 590!)









Marmoutier (74)
Some more Monastery (Marmoutier)











Marmoutier (84)
We have to built a 3rd tower (Marmoutier, Monastery Church)











Saverne 8-2015 (16)
You permit: The Rohan-Castle in Savergne!









Saverne 8-2015 (21)
The old “Stiegenherrenschloss” in Savergne









Saverne 8-2015 (32)
Haus Katz, the most beautiful timbered house in the Alsace region! (Savergne)









Selestat 8-2015 (10)
City gates! (Selestat)









Selestat 8-2015 (25)
Vanquish the demon with a baguette! (Selestat)











Selestat 8-2015 (27)
The minster of Selestat











Selestat 8-2015 (106)
Stories in coloured glass (Minster, Selestat)









Selestat 8-2015 (146)
The famous humanistic library in Selestat!









Selestat 8-2015 (151)
Games of pure light within the Prostestant Church of Selestat









Selestat 8-2015 (161)
There’s always some space for another red painted house! (Selestat)









Strasbourg 8-2015 (4)
Fortifications (Strasbourg)









Strasbourg 8-2015 (28)
Little Venice (Strasbourg)











Strasbourg 8-2015 (44)
The only “real” Cathedral! (Strasbourg)











Strasbourg 8-2015 (52)
Lazy dog! (Strasbourg)









Strasbourg 8-2015 (115)
Angels (Strasbourg, Minster)











Strasbourg 8-2015 (145)
…and the devil himself! (Stasbourg, Cathedral)











Strasbourg 8-2015 (176)
In the Aquarium-boat! (Strasbourg)









Strasbourg 8-2015 (249)
Let roses bloom! (Strasburg, Cathedral, 1000th-aniversary light show)









Strasbourg 8-2015 (319)
Goudy colorful – that’s exactly how medieval Cathedrals looked once! (Strasbourg Cathedral, Light show)












Strasbourg 8-2015 (334)
More gaudy buildings (Strasbourg)









Strasbourg 8-2015 (344)
The European Parliament (Strasbourg)









Strasbourg 8-2015 (398)
Alsace’s Emblem: The Stork! (Strasbourg, Orangerie)











Strasbourg 8-2015 (410)
Strasbourgs city park: The Orangerie!









Strasbourg 8-2015 (437)
In the “German” Quater (Strasbourg)









Strasbourg 8-2015 (451)
Once the palace of a German Emperor – now Palais de la Republique (Strasbourg)









Strasbourg 8-2015 (544)
There are always some more timbered houses…(Strasbourg)









Strasbourg 8-2015 (552)
St. Thomas, the church of Albert Schweizer (Strasbourg)

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